our mission:


“Providing a way for the next generation of Bangladesh to look forward to a better tomorrow by providing the tools they need to thrive.”



Our Mission

We are a non-for-profit society that serves the villages in the Chittagong Hill Tracts area of Bangladesh and are dedicated to providing these villages with opportunities to learn better ways to survive through basic education and skills training.

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Our Vision

We aim to assist the impoverished people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Bangladesh through literacy programs, proper sanitation, and practical skills to learn how to survive better and maintain a healthier lifestyle



Tribal groups reached

There are 11 tribal groups in the Chittagong area that we are actively involved in to further their education and provide a better quality of life.



leadership conferences held

We have held over 5 different leadership conferences in the last number of years in order to equip the leaders of the community to better understand and help their people.



over 26,000 dollars raised

We have raised 26,000 for the high school project with another 19,000 to be raised towards completing phase one of construction.


Our Programs

The main initiative of CLAP is to come alongside willing participants in programs that will lead to a sustainable future; providing training and education in order to generate funds for their families, villages, and the CLAP programs.


Educational Program

Canadian Leadership Assisance Program (CLAP) is set-up to provide the basic life needs for orphans, half-orphans, and impoverished children through education, skills training, food, and basic necessities of life. We are giving these children equal opportunity to achieve health and happiness in life and the ability to dream for a better future.


Canadian Leadership Assistance program received notice that a private donor provided funds for the purchase of 5 acres of land in order to house a high school and training centre. Once complete, the facilities will include classrooms and hostels for high school students; kitchen accommodations; a trades training centre (sewing, carpentry, agriculture); as well guest quarters for visitors. By providing the opportunity for further education and skills training, we hope to give the youth the ability to sustain a quality of life for both their families and their villages.


january 2019

We’ve decided to work within the Hill Tracts because we’ve seen a need there. And there are a lot of resources in this world. So if CLAP can be a gateway to those resources we can help people who can’t help themselves.

President - CLAP



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Your monthly support helps us to provide food, basic needs, educational material for the children, as well as equipment needed to sustain a growing program.

Currently we support a number of orphans and children. There are many more villages and families awaiting the opportunity to join CLAP and this is solely dependent on space and funding


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