Land is not what they are short of and agriculture proves to be a very sustainable way to provide for the tribal people. Vegetation includes rice, bananas, papaya, mango, pineapple, jack fruit, coconut, etc…

In the future, CLAP hopes to teach the families proper use of their land as they use it to care for their families and communities. The funding needs would then go towards the purchase of gardening tools, seeds/plants, proper irrigation systems, and so on.

It is also hoped that CLAP will be able to purchase a market stall in order for the villagers to sell their products.

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Canadian Leadership Assistance Program also hopes to bring the villages knowledge and understanding about primary health care in order to aid them in avoiding basic health issues. Funds will go towards hiring a team that will assist in providing basic training in emergency type first-aid on the ground as well as providing skills training on caring for various injuries and common illnesses.