The main initiative of CLAP is to come alongside willing participants in programs that will lead to a sustainable future; providing training and education in order to generate funds for their families, villages, and the CLAP programs.



Canadian Leadership Assistance Program is set up to provide children equal opportunities to achieve health and happiness in life and the ability to dream for a better future. This has been achieved through providing basic school education for over 200 children in 3 villages, employing 8 staff, providing equipment, furniture and supplies to make this possible. Many more villages have asked to join CLAP, hoping for the same opportunities. Our monthly support is what finances these possibilities and the growth is based on added provision from our current and future monthly supporters.



In Bangladesh there are over 100 varieties of rice grown, making this one of the leading industries. CLAP was able to purchase a Rice Mill in order for the grains of rice to be removed from the stalks. This in turn allows the villagers to use the rice for their families and or sell the rice at market.

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Canadian Leadership Assistance Program was able to purchase 10 sewing machines and provide training for young women and mothers who could potentially begin their own business or work for a local factory. Textiles is one of the main industries in Bangladesh making this a very sustainable source of income for these tribal families. We’ve had 22 students receive the training and graduate with a number of them finding work within the industry.



Canadian Leadership Assistance program received notice that a private donor provided funds for the purchase of 5 acres of land in order to house a high school and training centre. Once complete, the facilities will include classrooms and hostels for high school students; kitchen accommodations; a trades training centre (sewing, carpentry, agriculture); as well guest quarters for visitors. By providing the opportunity for further education and skills training, we hope to give the youth the ability to sustain a quality of life for both their families and their villages.